History of the Glen Forest Cemetery

From By-laws, Rules and Regulations of Glen Forest Cemetery Association. Adopted April 30, 1921

This tract of land was originally a part of the Elisha Mills estate which was bequeathed to his son Judge William Mills.

According to a statement of Mr. Samuel Cox, whose memory covers much of the early years of Yellow Springs, the first burial in Glen Forest was about the year 1823, being the body of a girl, a member of an immigrant family which was passing along the old stagecoach road on the west side of the present cemetery. The death occurred in the moving wagon which had stopped by the side of the road near what is now the west gate of the cemetery. Burial was made under a tree in the dense forest which then covered this land. Unfortunately, there is no marker at this grave and the name of the family has been forgotten.

By the generous permission of Judge Mills other burials were made on this plat and, in the course of years, the place naturally became a public burial ground.

Capt. Thomas C. Hirst states that his family burial lot was purchased from Judge Mills in the year of 1857, which fact is evidence that the cemetery was controlled by private interest at that time.

In the year of 1873 the village council paid Judge Mills a nominal price for his personal interest in the cemetery tract, and thus the entire management was transferred to the village. Later the original burial ground was enlarged by the purchase of additional land on the east and south sides.

In recent years the immediate care of the grounds has been under the charge of C.H. Ellis, whose efficient management and excellent taste in beautifying the cemetery have been greatly appreciated by the public.

On April 21, 1921, the village council transferred the cemetery to new management, The Glen Forest Cemetery Association.

After over 91 years of service to the residents of Yellow Springs and Miami Township, the Glen Forest Cemetery Association decided to disband, and operation and maintenance of the cemetery has been assumed by the Board of Trustees of Miami Township as of January 01, 2013.

Many pleasing changes and additions have been made to Glen Forest Cemetery since 2013. Two unsightly buildings have been removed, all roads within the cemetery have now been paved with blacktop.

Probably the most important change was the purchase and implementation of new cemetery software which now contains all the available records of both graves purchased and burials preformed. 

Three new cemetery sections have been opened since 2013. The new, Glen Forest, East section, across the US 68 Highway, the Glen Forest Natural Burial Cemetery, just to the East of Glen Forest East, the Memorial Scattering Garden, right in the middle of the Natural Burial Cemetery and the newest section called the Oak Grove Natural Burial section which will ultimately feature 1000 natural burial plots and 70 very special graves that will have an immature White Oak tree planted right on top of the decedent where it will grow, with the help of bodies nutrients

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