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4445 US Rt 68 N
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Office Hours, 937-477-0597

Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM – 4 PM.

Holiday office hours: See About.

Visiting Hours

Monday through Sunday, 8 AM – 6 PM.

Summer Visiting Hours: (May 01—August 31): Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 8PM. Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM – 6 PM.


Cost for a grave is $1,500. Additional cost for opening and closing is $650.


Green burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that furthers legitimate ecological aims such as the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat. Natural Burial calls for cemetery adherence to a number of protocols to insure that burials never degrade an ecosystem and, where possible, facilitate ecological restoration. It requires that surveys (biological, geological and hydrological) be done to determine where burials should and should not take place on a piece of land and at what density.


About a year after Miami Township took over ownership and operation of Glen Forest Cemetery, there began a sense among township officials that something might be missing from the burial options our cemetery was providing. People were beginning to inquire about the possibility of a natural burial, some for religious reasons, some with an interest in protecting the environment. 

Township officials spent about a year studying the concept of natural burial, including multiple seminars and visits to operating natural burial cemeteries. In the end, consensus was reached to provide the option of a natural burial.

After careful thought and extensive planning, the design and layout of the natural burial cemetery took place. Years of work to establish native Ohio prairie grass and wildflowers were required to get just the right feel. Today, one can walk totally around the 2.5 acre cemetery  and not realize there are about 50 natural burials all around them. This is what we hoped to accomplish and what we hoped to be able to offer to the residents of Yellow Springs and Miami Township for many years to come.

Rules and Regulations for the Natural Burial Area

By establishing a Natural Burial area within the confines of the Glen Forest Cemetery, our goal is to:

Provide an economical alternative to traditional burial that allows decedents (their bodies or cremated remains) to embrace the earth and to return to dust in a simple, dignified, and natural manner.

Encourage tasteful, hands-on involvement of family and friends that will enhance the value, integrity, and healing power of funeral and burial rituals.

Make burial more eco-friendly, preserve land in its natural beauty, and expand wildlife habitat.

Mandatory Standards for Burial

Acceptance of Bodies

Deceased persons shall not be embalmed or topically treated with sprays or compounds, unless with non-toxic products approved by the Green Burial Council. Bodies accepted for burial shall be wrapped in a shroud, quilt or blanket, and/or placed in a burial container. Clothing is optional. All materials used shall conform to the standards set forth in the following paragraph.

Natural Burial Containers/Shrouds/Clothing/Urns

All materials used in the manufacturing or constructions of caskets, burial containers, shrouds, quilts, blankets, clothing, and urns shall be 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Materials used must be plant derived, natural, animal, or unearthened material, including the shell, liner, handles, fasteners, and adornments of any burial container, shroud, quilt, blanket, clothing or urn. Materials used in the manufacturing, construction, and finishing of products used for burial shall not contain plastics, acrylics, or similar synthetic polymeric materials. Shrouds, quilts, and blankets used for burial without a casket shall have a natural wood backer (plywood and OSB are not acceptable) no less than 1 thick by 12 wide and the length of the body, to stabilize the decent during the burial process.

Right of Refusal

In order to protect and maintain the integrity and intent of the Natural Burial area, the Board of Trustees of Miami Township reserves the right to refuse the burial of any decedent for non-compliance of the Standards for Burial as required in this section.

Outer Burial Containers

Vaults, in full or part, are prohibited in the Natural Burial Grounds of Glen Forest Cemetery.


Prior to interments, internment, and scattering of cremated remains, all forms of authorization, as furnished by the Cemetery, must be properly executed, in person, by the person(s) who actually own the interment rights to the burial space, or has the Right of Disposition of the decedent, as defined by Ohio Law. Glen Forest Cemetery requires authorized person(s) to meet with Cemetery staff prior to interment or scattering, to review site selection procedures, review additional burials as allowed, memorization details, review the Mandatory Standards for Burial section, and to explain what a family may expect the day of the burial when proceeding to the graveside for burial.

Internment Rights/Burial Space

Interment rights for burial may be purchased before need or at the time of need. A single grave will accommodate one burial and the burial of two (2) cremated remains.

Transfers to Natural Burial Area

Glen Forest Cemetery interment right holders wishing to transfer to the Natural Burial area of the Glen Forest Cemetery, shall be given a credit of the full purchase price of the traditional interment space.

Opening and Closing

In order to protect the integrity of the natural surroundings, all grave openings will be dug by Cemetery personnel using minimal power equipment. Therefore a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given prior to any burial in the Natural Burial area of the Glen Forest Cemetery. Family members and friends are welcome to participate in placing the decedent into the grave and the grave closing, weather permitting.


All disinterment are subject to Ohio law. The charge for disinterment will be two (2) times the current price of Interment Rights per space. Archeology fees may also apply. Cremated remains are considered irretrievable.

Monuments / Markers

Glen Forest Cemetery Natural Burial area will accept a variety of natural stone types so long as they preserve the scenic and natural quality of the site. Stones may not exceed 216 square inches (approximately 12X18 inches) in size. They must lay flat or be partially buried and not to extend more than 3 inches above the surface of the soil. No foundations will be permitted. They should not be polished, and sawed stone should be prepared to appear more natural. They should have natural appearing irregular edges rather than a square-cut appearance. Only one memorial stone is permitted for each 10 X 20 foot burial site. Stones may be engraved, but must remain simple in appearance. Photographs, electronics, sound, etc. is not permitted. Glen Forest Cemetery may reject or remove, without notice, any memorials that do not meet the specifications. Certain varieties of native flowers may be planted at the grave site. Please contact Miami Township, 937-767-2460, for an approved list of plants.

Decorations / Tributes

To protect the beauty and integrity of the natural surroundings, no inscriptions, statues, embellishments effigies, artifacts, lights, wildlife feeders, wind chimes, flags or artificial decorations of any kind will be permitted in the natural burial area of the glen forest cemetery. Any deviation from this rule will result in the removal of the restricted item by cemetery staff. Cut flower funeral tributes that have been removed from their containers may be buried with the deceased. All other funeral floral tributes may be taken home or they will be disposed of or recycled. Fresh cut flower remembrance tributes may be placed on the grave at any time, and will be removed by Cemetery personnel upon becoming unsightly.

Record Keeping / Administrative Detail

Every person/family choosing the Natural Burial area of the Glen Forest Cemetery for full burial or for the burial of cremated remains, will have his/her personal file folder that will include the following:

  • Copy of Purchase Agreement,
  • Certificate of Ownership,
  • Burial site selection,
  • Interment authorizations (at time of need),
  • Burial Permit,
  • Copy of obituary or other information about the deceased, as provided by next of kin,
  • Authorization for burial of Cremated remains (at time of need).

The Board of Trustees of Miami Township reserved the right to review, amend and/or alter these Rules and Regulations for the Natural Burial area of the Glen Forest Cemetery.

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